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Elephants in the Wild in Africa. Photo by @ajrobbie.
Elephants in the Wild in Africa. Photo by @ajrobbie.

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Elephant herd in the wild
Elephant herd in the wild in Africa. Photo by ray rui.

“Elephants are some of the most intelligent animals in the world.”

They have a complex social structure and can learn from each other. An elephant never forgets. Elephants remember their routes, the landscape around them and how to get home after being separated.

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Do all elephants belong to a herd?

Elephants are highly social creatures that live in groups called herds. Their herd can range from 2 to 100 elephants depending on the area and season. The larger the elephant population, the bigger the herd becomes. Elephants are extremely loyal to their herd. They rely on the herd for protection, guidance and socialization.

When an elephant gets separated from its herd it can be seen as a form of torture. Elephants have to navigate through the forest with utmost caution because of predators like lions, crocodiles and even humans who kill them for food and their ivory.