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To offer you a full range of functions when you visit our website, recognize your preferences, and make the use of our website more comfortable and convenient, we use “cookies.”

What are Cookies?

A cookie is a small file or information saved on your computer or device when you visit the website. Such technologies enable us to remember your actions and preferences (such as language, amount of time you interact with us via an analytical tool, etc) over a period of time.

Your options

You can generally view our website without cookies, but certain parts of the website may not work properly or navigating may be slower.

If you do not wish cookies to be stored on your computer or device, you can deactivate the relevant option in the system settings of your browser. You can also delete stored cookies in the system settings of your browser at any time.

More information on how to deactivate or delete cookies can be found here. However, please keep in mind that if you do not accept any cookies this may restrict the functionality of our offerings.

Categories of cookies

Type of CookiePurposeMaximum Lifespan
Required CookiesThese cookies are required to enable core functionalities of the website. Without these, services you have asked for cannot be provided. If you disable these cookies certain parts of the website will not function for you.Up to 24 months
Analytics CookiesThese cookies help us improve or optimise the experience we provide. They allow us to measure how visitors interact with the website and improve the user experience and website performance.

They are used are used to collect technical information such as the last time you visited the website, the number of pages visited, which parts of our website are clicked on and the length of time between clicks. Please see the “Details about third parties and our most commons cookies” section below for more details where these cookies are placed by third parties.
Up to 24 months

Details about third parties and our most common cookies:

Name of cookieCookie providerPurpose
EzoicEzoicEzoic may collect personal information as defined in GDPR (such as IP address and a unique id in a cookie) about visitors to your website for the purposes of statistics, analytics and personalization. In addition, Ezoic works with numerous third parties for the collection and storage of data and the providing of analytics and advertising services. More information.

Affiliated products and links

We may display advertisements from third parties and other content that links to third-party websites. If you click on a third-party advertisement or link, please be aware that you are leaving our site and any data you provide will be processed in accordance with such third party’s respective privacy and cookie policies, which we advise you to consult beforehand.

More Details

Should you like to contact us or find out more about the way we process your personal data, please consult our Privacy Policy.